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Prenestina 913

MAAM is an open space that can be visited entirely. Inside is like being in a sort of non-place, to quote the French anthropologist Marc Augé, where the original intended use of the external structure is lacking in favor of a unique relationship between these spaces and those who live there.

A Parallel Reflection

Animism is just a word, trying to give a sort of container, for a great number of spiritual realities, rituals, traditions and above all, ways of living the everiday life. This happens in the ordinary gestures and habits that made the reality of daily life, covered by an immaterial veil, which seems to permeate everything.


Journey To Masai Land

A slow decline of their traditional way of life is taking place. Masai are an antique population which still struggles to keep out the rest of the word, trying to keep their traditions and lifestyle.

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